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Hi there, I’m Siobhan, chef, mum and creator of Dinner Rush. My kitchen. Your plate.

I’m a Canberra girl. My passion for food goes back as far as I can remember.

As a kid I was amazed that you could actually make honeycomb! My interest in food grew with overseas travel - living in France, travelling through Europe and having the equivalent of $4 a day to buy food, always local fruit, cheese and bread (leading to my discovery of blood oranges, but that’s another story!).

Cooking for me is all about the ingredients. I only work with local, fresh and trustworthy suppliers so I can create the finest dishes for your dinner table.

It’s okay to be strapped for time or not want to cook. Or have friends around for dinner at short notice and have no time to prepare. But you still want to eat decent, tasty nourishing food right? That’s where I come in.

You deserve to eat well. Giving yourself a break from cooking doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality and taste. Let Dinner Rush show you how.

Great food is only a click away. I’d be honoured to cook for you.

In health and wholesome happiness,


PS Check out what’s hot on the menu this week (menu)


Siobhan is a qualified chef with around 20 years experience. She began her career in the award winning Silo bakery in Kingston, Canberra.

Later she cooked at Artespresso, Beese and Co., Sitting Ducks and more recently The National Portrait Gallery of Australia and The National Museum of Australia.

Her philosophy in cooking is always to source ‘local, seasonal and fresh’.

Siobhan is also mum to two and step mum to three busy, inquisitive and active children. Balancing family and work, Siobhan realised there was little choice for people who wanted ‘fast’ food at home, that was also tasty, fresh, unprocessed, nutritious and cooked with care. Dinner Rush was born.

Dinner Rush blends Siobhan’s passion for food with a desire to bring fresh, ready made, delicious food to the plates of busy people. Siobhan and her team of dedicated, experienced people are ready to cook for you.