How about a week off cooking? How amazing would that be!

Whether you’ve just moved house, arrived home with your new baby, are recovering from illness or injury or simply don’t have the time or desire to cook, Dinner Rush@the Kitchen has you covered.

We cook fresh, wholesome, nutritional, goodness in the kitchen. Beautiful seasonal ingredients all sourced from local markets and trusted suppliers. No preservatives, additives or yucky stuff. Honest food.

With our popular recipes, we slice, dice, marinate, simmer and sautee to bring you delicious flavours and tasty goodness on a plate. Gluten Free and Vegetarians, we cook for you too. Dinner Rush delivers to the local Canberra area.

Our meals are then vacuum packed (in clear packaging so you see the real food) to lock in freshness and flavour and delivered to your door. You just open, heat and serve. Simple.

Our Dinner is Sorted Pack includes five meals for two.

Dinner is Sorted Pack includes:

5 meal packs (for two persons) for $135 + $15 delivery.

You can add extra meals to your order, just let us know. 

Free up some time to do other things you enjoy or simply relax, take a break. Delicious, nutritious meals for a week, prepared and ready to serve.

Giving yourself a break from cooking doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality and taste. Let Dinner Rush@the Kitchen cook for you.

Dinner is sorted packs contain a freshly cooked meal for two (with generous portions) for five meals.

Choose from a selection on the menu for this week

Nutritional information is also detailed on the pack. I even recommend serving suggestions for you.

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“Dinner Rush meals have become one of our staples. It’s just nice to know that at the end of a busy, busy day I have some healthy, quick options on hand should I declare dinner prep from scratch all too hard. Doesn’t your fridge need some?”

 Amanda Whitley, Her Canberra


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